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The First Smart Contract Wallet on Mina Protocol. No Recovery Seed Phrase Required
Keyless Wallet
Secure Smart OTPs: Zero-knowledge, self-sovereign, air-gapped for enhanced security.
Social Recovery
We uses Zero Knowledge technology to enhance the security of our Smart Contract Wallet
Convert fiat currency to cryptocurrencies seamlessly. Simplifies the transition into cryptocurrencies, enabling users to easily enter the digital asset world and utilize them for various purposes.
Shamir Service
Enhance wallet security: Shamir Service distributes secrets among parties, ensuring protection against theft and loss.
Our Solutions
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on Mina Protocol
Staking on Everstake
Join the staking revolution on Everstake and start earning passive income from your crypto holdings today.
Your assets stay securely stored in your original wallet, frozen during the staking period.
You have the freedom to unstake at your preferred time, with the assets becoming available for use after the blockchain's minimum unfreezing period has passed.
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Buy crypto on Mina Protocol
Take advantage of the secure and efficient Mina Protocol to enter the world of digital assets with confidence and simplify your crypto purchases and embark on your journey to financial freedom today
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Shamir Service
Discover the power of Shamir Service for unparalleled security of your digital assets
This innovative technology divides your private keys into multiple shares, distributed among trusted parties. With Shamir Service, you can ensure that even if a share is compromised, your assets remain safe
Social Recovery
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Meet Our Team
IaM [ZK] <DEV>
Founder / CEO
Axel Arifin
Co-Founder / CMO
Nguyen Manh Tung
Fullstack Developer
Investor / Partners
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